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Adult Karate Classes
Our Adult karate program is designed for men and women over the age of 16 years old. Our martial arts program will benefit adults by improving cardiovascular levels, flexibility, learn self-defense techniques, increasing confidence and feeling empowered. Our instructors motivate, in a fun, safe an friendly environment. We are non-judgmental unlike many other gyms that make it uncomfortable to work toward fitness goals. Our program is professionally crafted to prevent injuries that commonly happen in gym routines. Adults will learn components of Boxing, Karate, Tae kwon do, Jiu Jitsu, and Wrestling. The kicking and punching movements will strengthen lower and upper body parts unlike any other training routine. Our program will instill the ability to come out of your comfort zone which is difficult for many people. Mental and physical toughness, as students learn to push past obstacles and persevere. Our flexibility training has been shown to eliminate chronic pains in clients, as it helps to lengthen tight muscles. Our adult program is not comparable to any other gym routine, as clients burn more calories than any other activity out there. It is a complete body, low impact workout. Work with instructors who will help you reach your goal, whatever it may be. Our program strengthen of the body will make day to day activities much easier and you will find yourself feeling energized. As well as becoming comfortable in speaking in front of other students, as public speaking will allow students to be eligible for management position in the world place.

The Power of Our Program
Individuals who have started our program have had many life time injuries, including chronic pains in their backs, knees and shoulder; after starting our program these clients have noticed great improvement and have gained strength and the symptoms of these injuries disappear or lessen, this is the power of our program. Our class is perfect for a world champion or someone who has never worked out. Our instructors modify exercises, to cater to all of our clients' needs. Our instructors are extremely flexible and are looking to help, even if you have a pre-existing injury, our team will work around it so you can still get an amazing workout. Our instructors will explain each concept and break down techniques so everyone can understand.

With our adult karate program, you have the unique opportunity to:
  • Improve power and core strength
  • Improve focus
  • Improve leg strength and arm strength
  • Learn practical self-defense skills
Martial Arts Trial Offer
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