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Facility & Philosophy

Our facility is 3,000 square feet; our large training floor is equipped with padded mats to ensure a low impact workout. Our facility is carefully sanitized daily to ensure the safety of our clients. At GFMA we are always adding new equipment to our collection, including a large selection of free weights, agility ladders, medicine balls, bosu balls, battle ropes, skipping ropes, kick shields, hand targets and free standing striking bags to name a few. Due to the large number of equipment we have on site ensures each student will not need to compromise their workout because of equipment shortages. We believe the incorporation of these training aids, along with our instructor's vast knowledge of fitness results in a fantastic, safe workout.

Martial arts are routinely highlighted for the physical benefits it provides, however our program goes much further. Martial arts are a vehicle that aids in personal development and growth, as well as teaching self defense techniques. Leaving you to imagine how different life would be without martial arts. Our goal is to better every person's life that we come into contact with. At Guelph Family Martial Arts, we are exactly that, a family, we work together to achieve your personal goals. Martial arts dates back thousands of years to ancient times, our school incorporates traditional aspects, however we are always adding and researching new methods. We put maximum thought and effort into our program, trying to constantly innovate our program to keep the experience exciting.

Our school is one community that goes far beyond our workouts, GFMA hosts many events throughout the year. These events aim to foremost allow our students to have some fun, but also allow our students to become more familiar with each other. Our events include a yearly open house that includes activities such as music, bouncy castles, face painters, demonstrations and lots of food. We hold two annual sleepovers at the dojo to allow parents or caretakers to have an evening to make plans or relax, which is a GFMA favorite, an evening including games, activities, movies and much more. We also hold P.A. Day Camps, March Break Camps and Summer Camps, our camp experience is amazing, as we carefully plan our schedule to maximize enjoyment. We also host an annual Christmas Party and Awards Banquet equipped with the most delicious buffet dinner, that highlights the past year at GFMA, along with the proceeds sponsoring children in our area. We also offer birthday parties, that include amazing martial arts games, with a black belt instructor.

The difficulties most individuals find at other schools or gyms is the workout becomes less exciting or making your own workout routine at the gym can be difficult and can be hard to self-motivate; as well without proper knowledge and supervision, injuries can frequently happen. Leave it to GFMA to plan the workout. We pride ourselves on having a safe and controlled environment to ensure every student feels comfortable. The benefits of martial arts training are large scale as you will see improvements not only in self-defence but also in physical fitness and healthy living, self-esteem and confidence building, balance and posture, memorization and retention, self-discipline and responsibility, coordination and motor skills, stranger awareness and personal safety, respect for yourself and others, school, social skills and friendship and more.

For a student to grade to their next belt, it is requirement to have a form filled out by their teacher and parent or caregiver to ensure that the student is showing respect, modesty, courtesy and more outside of the school.