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Kickboxing Classes in Guelph
Our Cardio Kickboxing classes at GUELPH FAMILY MARTIAL ARTS are an energizing workout, that burns more calories than anything else; our cardio kickboxing class includes circuit workouts that uses plyometric and core exercises to shape, tone, strengthen, and build endurance and agility. We build muscle through explosive movements by punching and kicking the bags, if you're looking for a unique class like nothing you have ever done before then look no further! Improve your health and fitness, in a fun and supportive environment. Get all the benefits of Karate, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing without the competition or combat side. Having the confidence to know you could defend yourself in a situation is priceless. We have a high instructor to student ratio to ensure students get the most out of there workout. Don't wait to get into the best shape of your life! Our classes are an addictive 60-minute complete work out that challenges all muscle groups. Release your stress into a positive environment, with releasing that stress energy into your punching and kicking combinations. This is a perfect program for cross training as the punching, kicking and knee motions develop function power that is essential for everyday life and organized sports. Our classes are led by professional, certified and motivating instructors, you will have a great time in our fun and high energy classes; and you will get the results you have always wanted. A benefit of our classes is that we teach proper technique to reduce injury and maximize our workouts. Discover your new body today!

Benefits of Our Cardio Kickboxing Classes:
  • Calorie and fat burning exercises through cardio and weight lifting
  • High energy and motivating instructors to push your limits
  • Calorie burning workout through plyometric and core exercises
  • Supportive and welcoming environment
  • Learn self-defense techniques while working out
  • Develop power, agility, strength, precision, reaction time and tone
  • Increase your confidence and focus
  • Increase perseverance
  • Increase the power of your punches and kicks
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Reduced stress
  • Support and Welcoming Environment
  • Tone and build new muscle
Say Good-Bye to the Mundane at Home Workout Regime Break Up with Your Boring Workout Routine
Our Kickboxing classes always brings something exciting, allowing you to say good-bye to your boring home workout routine. Working out at home is convenient but can lack excitement. Isn't it time to ramp up your workout routine? Our high powered exercises help build your core body muscles and our awesome classes will focus on fun ways to improve fitness. Our classes help work muscles that many mainstream exercises miss, these muscle groups can help prevent injury and will help strengthen your entire body. Our classes are always introducing something innovative, to keep things interesting, maximize efficient and prevent injury. Many home workout routines can become lifeless, stale and tedious this is all avoided with our exciting classes.

The Power of Our Program
Individuals who have started our program have had many life time injuries, including chronic pains in their backs, knees and shoulder; after starting our program these clients have noticed great improvement and have gained strength and the symptoms of these injuries disappear or lessen, this is the power of our program. Our class is perfect for a world champion or someone who has never worked out. Our instructors modify exercises, to cater to all of our clients' needs. Our instructors are extremely flexible and are looking to help, even if you have a pre-existing injury, our team will work around it so you can still get an amazing workout. Our instructors will explain each concept and break down techniques so everyone can understand.

Cardio Kickboxing Trial Offer
Come join our program today, try our class for free with no obligations. Contact GUELPH FAMILY MARTIAL ARTS at: 519-341-0550 or