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Guelph Kids Karate Lessons and Programs
Our kid's karate program is designed specifically for children 7 to 12 years of age. It provides a fun and practical martial arts curriculum for beginner students. Our program helps control child hood obesity levels, by improving fitness levels, balance and co-ordination, concentration, focus and self-discipline. Our program promotes avoidance of readily available temptations and situations and how to correctly combat them. We want our students to succeed in their life, our program increases student's ability for goal setting for both long and short term goals. We carefully explain steps that are essential for goal achievement. Our karate programs advance far beyond solely physical improvements but also offer a multitude of life lessons including:
  • Respect
  • Dedication
  • Modesty and courtesy
  • Self-defense skills
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Increased Confidence
  • Improved Strength and flexibility
Character Development

Karate and Personal Development
GUELPH FAMILY MARTIAL ARTS believes martial arts is about personal development and this is facilitated through the karate skills which we teach our students. We promote to strive for perfection among our students, that even though perfection is not possible if we chase perfection we can catch greatness, in whatever avenue we pursue. We give our members opportunities to learn, practice and apply these personal developmental traits in their lives in and outside our school.

Karate is Awesome, Fun Physical Exercise
Is your child like many of our students, with a lot of excess energy? Wouldn't it be nice to have some off that extra energy? Although we can't help there, we can lend a hand in wearing your child out through fun physical activities. The importance of introducing an active lifestyle early in life can help promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as making exercise a part of their life. As a healthy lifestyle has been shown to combat many chronic illnesses and ailments. Your child should have energy redirected into positive avenues to release all surplus energy into something positive. So after their martial arts class they can be quiet and focused on doing school work, as well as being ready for sleep.

Knowledge is the strongest weapon against bullies. Children in our programs will be equipped with both information and practical self-defence techniques, our program will build students confidence levels and make them more aware of their surroundings and better prepared for bully situations. In our programs students will learn to:
  • Identify bullies
  • Learn why bullies act the way they do
  • What bullies hold as their goal
  • The best ways to stop bullying
  • As well as learning practical self-defence techniques
  • Increased confidence and self-worth
  • Increased strength and flexibility

Take Down Bullying with Martial Arts
The word bully has been surging in recent years like never before through multiple media outlets. Our program teaches children how to stand up to bullies and how to communicate with a bully if they or a friend are being bullied with their new found confidence. If your child has been involved with bullying in the past or currently our program will help rebuild your child's confidence. As bullying can really take a toll on a child's morale. Bullying can cause anxiety, sadness, insecurities and anger without a proper outlet to express or release these negative emotions it can have huge effects. When someone is bullied it begins to make that person feel as though they are not good enough or not worthy. These thoughts can have lasting impacts physically and emotionally culminating to damage well-being. Martial arts build your child from within as our professional instructors will provide positive enforcement and constant encouragement. Our program emphasises that we must be positive, that we must not negative self-talk ourselves; as our opinion on ourselves is the most important one. That if there is no enemy from within, the enemy from the outside may do us no harm. With this new found strength students can stand in the face of adversity and opposition, as they feel strong and confident. Our program teaches practical self-defence techniques, we will show students common situations and effective escapes from these positions. We teach children the importance of avoiding situations that negative outcomes might be more commonly associated with and to distant oneself from these situations; as well as the ability to defuse situations and prevent escalation of these scenarios. We place importance on using words to defuse situations and not our actions. In addition, using language properly, that we want to come across with the correct tone to bullies. That students should be assertive to defuse situations, as they express themselves. Avoiding use of communication styles of passive or aggressive which would act as a catalyst for negative situations, allowing our students to escape situations safely. Our practical self-defence techniques allow students the ability to protect themselves should the bully attack. Our martial arts students are taught to never initiate a confrontation, to only use martial arts as an absolute last resort. It allows parents/caregivers a calm mind knowing should a situation occur your son/daughter will be well equipped to stay safe. Our martial arts self-defence techniques will prepare them for anything any bully can throw at them.

Guelph Martial Arts: Learn to Become a Leader
The GUELPH FAMILY MARTIAL ARTS martial arts program allows older children to become part of our leadership team. That being able to articulate points to other students, boosts confidence which aids in school work when working in a group, as well as speeches or public speaking. Our leaders are taught how to communicate effectively and how to lead a class. Leadership skills are necessary for today in all work places so they can have confidence to excel as a manager, owner and CEO, or other jobs that require leadership. Public speaking is ranked second in global fears, after fear of death our program makes will make students comfortable in front of crowds of people.

Martial Arts Improves Grades
Our martial arts program holds the ability unlike other sports to improve grades. Many of our students are "A" students and this is not a coincidence. Our program makes better grades a reality as focus is worked on throughout all classes, as a result improving attention span, raising concentration levels and helps them set and achieve goals. All of these skills are essential for success at school and in our martial arts school. Students are motivated and supported when they display focus. Our classes start with a moment of silence, which offers students the chance to reflect on the day. That even if a day did not go well or was stressful, we make sure this will not affect the student's workout. Helping establish that a previous event should not carry on and ruin our entire day but should be left in the past. As students increase in age the time left to reflect on the day increases to help progress concentration and become conscious of giving attention to their thoughts, as our thoughts become physical. Throughout our programs we teach proper breathing, which is important in physical activity in stressful situations. These breathing exercises help students calm themselves and aids in a student's ability to deal with daily demands including, tests, homework and competitive sports; as well as many demands associated with peer pressure and stress associate with this. Therapists all over the world believe that individuals equipped with proper breathing techniques can combat stress, anxiety and daily demands with ease and efficacy. Our program can provide students with essential life skills needed for success in life, our program is an investment in your child's future.

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