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Guelph Kids Karate
Our Knee High Ninja Program is designed specifically for children ages 3.5-6.5 years old. This program incorporates basic martial arts techniques, as a result students learn important life skills, including:
  • Respect for themselves
  • Respect for others
  • Self-control
  • Positive attitude
  • Increased body awareness
  • Improved Focus
Martial arts training is an important part of our Knee High Ninja Program, as personal safety is very important. The GUELPH FAMILY MARTIAL ARTS Knee High Ninja Program is an amazing program that will use martial arts as a vehicle to facilitate personal development.

Preparation for School
Our Knee High Ninja Program prepares students for learning in a class room setting, by teaching the importance of etiquette and self-respect. Children learn to carefully listen through positive support from our Team of Instructors. Our program makes the transition into pre-school, GUELPH FAMILY MARTIAL ARTS teaches our Knee High Ninjas modest, courtesy, respect, focus and discipline. Our instructors also teach that there are times for fun and there are times to focus, this is done throughout our classes. These early formative years are essential for success. Our program develops students physically and mentally.

Karate and Life Skills
Our Knee High Ninja program includes memorization drills and fun karate theme games, with the ultimate goal to keep our Knee High Ninjas interested. Memorization drills have shown the ability to increase memory retention, which will aid in student's success in the class room. Learning their new skills in a supportive and positive environment, being able to work together with children their age helps build new friendships and improves communication skills. The drills we use all culminate to strengthen balance, motor skill development, coordination and body-awareness. Our Knee High Ninja Program is offered multiple times throughout the week, to ensure small class sizes, which allows each child to receive the personalized attention that they need to thrive. Our program teaches ninjas the ability to be well equipped to deal with everyday challenges, obstacles, questions and problems that are encountered on a daily basis. Our program also teaches important stress coping strategies and the ability to self-regulate. As many students struggle to combat stressful situations that are commonly found within the school setting. Self-regulation is essential for school and later in life, being able to work focused without constant reminders is an essential skill for all ages, our program heightens all of these skills.

Karate Teaches GREAT Discipline
Along with the advancements both mentally and physically our program makes, GUELPH FAMILY MARTIAL ARTS also supports amazing discipline in our ninjas. Our expert and extremely knowledgeable black belt instructors are all qualified to be able to command attention, as they portray self-belief. Our instructors will teach ninjas the correct behaviour and how they should present themselves to others. Our instructors are admired by our ninjas, as they look up to our instructors as role models, due in large part to the way our instructors carry and portray themselves in an out of the dojo. Ninjas see older children which are there peers and try to emulate their behavior to fit in. Our instructors develop a strong bond with the ninjas, giving them a positive, support outlet.

The Rewards of Karate, Goal Setting and Achievement
Encouragement and praise for a job well done or a goal achieved is essential, and is something everyone needs; especially children in their formative years. Our program allows an outlet for personal satisfaction, as students correctly perform martial arts techniques, with constant support and motivation from our amazing instructor team. Students will progress through belt ranks, which offers an opportunity for goal setting and goal achievement. Students receive belts once they have become memorized and can perform the specific moves for that level. This goal achievement offers a feeling of success and reward for our ninjas. Once our ninjas reach a new belt level, they will strive to improve again to reach their next belt level, so that they can feel the personal satisfaction again. Through positive reinforcement this teaches students the key to achieving a goal is through focus and dedication. For a student to progress to the next belt, they must be displaying respectful behaviour at school and at home, working together we ensure our ninjas are being great students in our martial arts school but also in life. Children at this age are full of energy, direct that energy into a positive family friendly environment.

Martial Arts Improves Grades
Our martial arts program holds the ability unlike other sports to improve grades. Many of our students are "A" students and this is not a coincidence. Our program makes better grades a reality as focus is worked on throughout all classes, as a result improving attention span, raising concentration levels and helps them set and achieve goals. All of these skills are essential for success at school and in our martial arts school. Students are motivated and supported when they display focus. Our classes start with a moment of silence, which offers students the chance to reflect on the day. That even if a day did not go well or was stressful, we make sure this will not affect the student's workout. Helping establish that a previous event should not carry on and ruin our entire day but should be left in the past. As students increase in age the time left to reflect on the day increases to help progress concentration and become conscious of giving attention to their thoughts, as our thoughts become physical. Throughout our programs we teach proper breathing, which is important in physical activity in stressful situations. These breathing exercises help students calm themselves and aids in a student's ability to deal with daily demands including, tests, homework and competitive sports; as well as many demands associated with peer pressure and stress associate with this. Therapists all over the world believe that individuals equipped with proper breathing techniques can combat stress, anxiety and daily demands with ease and efficacy. Our program can provide students with essential life skills needed for success in life, our program is an investment in your child's future.

Knowledge is the strongest weapon against bullies. Children in our programs will be equipped with both information and practical self-defence techniques, our program will build students confidence levels and make them more aware of their surroundings and better prepared for bully situations. In our programs students will learn to:
  • Identify bullies
  • Learn why bullies act the way they do
  • What bullies hold as their goal
  • The best ways to stop bullying
  • As well as learning practical self-defence techniques
  • Increased confidence and self-worth
  • Increased strength and flexibility

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