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Murray Brox
I am in awe of our school and feel honored for being part of it. The performance of everyone at yesterday's KICK (Canadian) tournament at the University of Waterloo attests to our Sensi's skills as an instructor, teacher and mentor. Congratulations to all of our competitors. Once again our Sensi, Nathan Skoufis continues to be Canada's overall men's Grand Champion.

Emran Jamali
If I had to describe GFMA in one word, I would have to use the term dedication. Dedication in the way they treat their students, dedication in the way they go above and beyond and the extra mile to provide for their students. The instructors are dedicated, helpful, friendly, accommodating and influential. Not to mention the amount of dedication and time they have put in the sport themselves, 20+ years! Which resulted in attaining achievements only one could dream of. It's also an opportunity to be part of an amazing group of people that will inspire, motivate and support you in whatever endeavor you pursue. The staff and members alike all foster a strong sense of community that makes it feel like a family.

Lee-Ann Anastasakos
GFMA has been an incredible confidence builder in myself as well as both of my children. The Skoufis family understands the pressures our children have in today's society, within the schools and often times within our homes. They not only teach the Martial Art but they also teach the value of being a better person, the respect required in all aspects of life and that its ok to succeed and be a better you! Both of my children have gained a lot of respect for GFMA and wouldn't train in any other facility. GFMA is the best at what they do and how they do it... I would highly recommend GFMA for children and adults alike you definitely won't regret it! THANK YOU NATHAN & SOPHIE you are both AMAZING! The Anastasakos Family

Joanna Anisko
Guelph Family Martial Arts is absolutely the BEST Martial Arts School. GFMA offers supportive and very dedicated instructors, who keep the students motivated and interested, at the same time teaching mental and physical discipline, courtesy, integrity, perseverance and self-control. My girls have joined the dojo almost two years ago; they are active competitors and dedicated to training and achieving the Goal of Black Belt. Watching my daughters train, I decided to join in and train along with them, and honestly it has been the best decision I made. The sense of achievement and accomplishment is just amazing!
It is an honor and privilege to train with Karate World Champions Instructors! The Day Camps / Summer Camps offered by GFMA are phenomenal, filled with plenty of physical and mental activities, and family atmosphere. Looking forward to the vacation months!!

Cassandra Tremblay
Mr. Nathan has been working with my son in private lessons twice a week, coming in before his first class starts to make this happen. The entire staff is extremely welcoming; I love the family atmosphere that is present. My son is preparing to compete in a tournament and follow in Mr. Nathan's footsteps as a competitor, the knowledge the staff has for competitions is amazing, as they know all of the little details. My son admires Mr. Nathan and talks about him every day at home; I could not pick a better role model for my child to follow. A great facility, we were referred through an already existing member. We have seen huge improvements in our son's grades. He is able to now self-regulate in school and home, cope with stress where he could previously not.

Benjamin Scott
I have been attending both the martial arts and adult cardio kickboxing classes for over two years and would highly recommend GFMA!

The instructors are dedicated to helping individuals improve and reach goals, while treating everyone with courtesy and respect.

I have seen first-hand the growth and development of individuals and this is a testament to the club and instructors keeping the classes fresh, fun and interesting.

If you (or your whole family) have a desire to learn martial arts and/or get in shape, GFMA is the place for you! Come check them out and I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Katherine Carder
My son is on the autism spectrum and started karate classes with Nathan and Sophie at GGMA almost 18 months ago. They have been great about working with his needs and strengths and understanding his sensory issues. When he seemed unable to focus in a large class, they came early so he could have one on one sessions until he was able to integrate into a small class. He has also overcome his fear/dislike of loud, sudden noises and clapping. Joining in and clapping for a classmate who has made an achievement. I'm so grateful to Nathan and Sophie for their patience and great teaching skills and so glad that he has had this wonderful experience. We will keep coming until he reaches black belt or decides for himself that he's had enough karate.

Stephen Briggs
Guelph Family Martial Arts has become more then a place to train. When I first started (8 months ago) it was me and my daughter continuing our karate training from years ago. Now it has become a place where my entire family works out and we couldn't be happier or healthier.

The facility is clean, organized and has lots of parking. The staff are very knowledgeable, amazing with children and adults and work with each person to help them reach their fitness and/or martial arts goal. If you are looking for a karate school for your children or as an adult, or if you are looking for a fitness workout this school has it all! Since training at GFMA I have dropped 35lbs and my chronic back pain of 20 years has disappeared. Do yourself and your kids a favor and come see how a world class dojo can exceed your families' martial arts and fitness goals!

Chancie Knights
GFMA has everything you could want from a martial arts school. Supportive instructors that teach the right combination of martial arts skills, discipline, fitness and fun for all ages and abilities. Classes accommodate individual goals whether they include general fitness, weight loss, progressing up the belts or to become a world champion! The dedicated facility is amazing compared to church halls i have previously trained in and it has lots of seating for spectators and free parking. Do yourself a favor and sign up!

Bryan Palis
The best experience and wonderful instructors, keep it up!

Graeme Cox
This martial arts studio is extremely friendly. The Skoufis family have a vast amount of experience between the whole family when it comes to martial arts. My children felt extremely welcome after just a few lessons. Sending your kids here will not be a mistake!

Nikki Sweeney
Well, gosh, where do I start? GFMA is an extended part of your family. The instructors take time to get to know each member and their family as well as show dedication to each member's success- no matter how big or small it may be.

Though always a well-mannered boy, my son has made huge strides in self-worth, as well as respect for his fellow classmates and teachers and this wouldn't have happened without support from the GFMA family!

The moment 3 teachers approach you in one day to let you know how amazing your son is and that he's a leader is a moment every mom should feel - GFMA will help with the discipline and respect it takes to get there.

Why go anywhere else when Guelph is lucky to have this amazing family to help?

Brian Byce
I have thoroughly enjoyed working out at their cardio kickboxing classes.

The Facility is very clean, bright, and extremely facilitating.

The Staff is very genuine, caring, and informative.

I highly recommend this for anyone interested in getting into better shape.

Zj Moslehi
This is a great gym with very helpful staff members and trainers. They also do a lot of great work with children who don't have the opportunities to participate in other activities.

Tammal Watt
Week 4 of the kickboxing boot camp. A friend asked me what and why I decided to do the boot camp. Trust is the answer. I trust the family. It is a non-judgmental environment. I am seeing results. I did at least 100 knee push-ups tonight! Nathan is always changing the workout so we are working all the muscle groups but not hurting ourselves. Most importantly I feel better.